What To Expect When Getting a Residential Shingle Roofing Replacement in San Francisco

What To Expect When Getting a Residential Shingle Roofing Replacement in San Francisco

For most homeowners, getting work done on their home can be a stressful experience, especially for major renovation projects like a shingle roof replacement in San Francisco. After days of consulting with local roofing companies in San Francisco, you’ve finally found the right team. Now you’re probably wondering what to expect next. Whenever you’re undertaking such a significant renovation project, it’s very important to make sure your home is thoroughly prepared.   

Preparing Your Home For A Shingle Roof Replacement in San Francisco, California

Removing the old roof and installing a new one can be a very messy process. As the contractors work on your roof, there will be falling debris, shingles, and nails. It’s a good idea to protect the inside and outside of your home as much as possible.   

When preparing the inside of your home, you lay a protective cover on all of your furnishings to keep falling debris from ruining it. We also recommend that you remove everything off of your walls, which includes your television, pictures, and artwork. Find a safe place to store household electronics and any items that you deem valuable.   

Don’t forget the outside of your home. Consider covering your patio furniture, grill, and other appliances that you store in your front or backyard. Make arrangements to park vehicles and motorcycles in a neighbor’s driveway or on the street if possible.  


What Happens During The Shingle Roof Replacement Process? 

A couple of days before roofing contractors in San Francisco arrive at your home, the roofing company will have a dumpster delivered. The dumpster makes it easier for roofing contractors to dispose of old roofing materials while installing the new one.  

Here is the basic breakdown of the shingle roof replacement process:  

Step 1: The roofing company in San Francisco will also take measures to protect the exterior of your home during the construction process by covering the siding of your house, plants, walls, and bushes with a tarp or protective plywood.  

Step 2: In most jurisdictions now, the old shingle roof has to be removed before laying down a new roof.   

Step 3: The roofing contractors will replace rotten or wet wood to ensure that the base roof structure is solid. Once the wood decking is in place, the roofing contractors will install the drip edges. The drip edge is a metal material that prevents rain from seeping into roofing materials.   

Step 4: Next, it’s time to install the roofing underlayment. The roofing underlayment is what protects against ice and water. Now that the roofing underlayment is secure, the contractors can finally lay down the new roofing materials. 


Quality Residential Roofing Services in San Francisco, California

Is it time to replace the roof on your home? Replacing the roof on your house is perhaps one of the most important renovation projects you can undertake. After all, a quality roof structure protects the inside of your home from damage from exterior elements and ensures that your home is safe and comfortable for your family.   

Shingle roof replacement in Walnut Creek and San Francisco isn’t a job that you should take lightly or that you should put off. If your roof is nearing the end of its useful life, you’ll need to seek help from experienced professionals. That’s where we come in. Here at Apollo Roofing Company, we provide quality residential roofing services. Contact us for a shingle roof replacement San Francisco service today. 


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