4 Questions to Ask a Residential Roof Replacement Company in Walnut Creek

4 Questions to Ask a Residential Roof Replacement Company in Walnut Creek, California

If you are looking for a residential roof replacement company in Walnut Creek, always do your research. Roofing companies are notorious for ripping off their customers and cutting corners that require costly repairs in the future.   

Shingle or composition roofs should last about 20 years if installed correctly. According to Forbes, the average roof installation cost including labor and materials is between $8,500-$12,000. Choosing the wrong roofing company is a costly mistake.    

When searching for a roof replacement company in Walnut Creek, make sure they are ethical and honest. The company should openly explain its pricing, license, working schedule, etc. To avoid premature roof repairs, here are some questions to screen the roofing company in Walnut Creek. 

What is Your Company Name and Address? 

Roofing companies in Walnut Creek have official names and permanent addresses. If the roofing company in California seems uncomfortable with disclosing this information, it might not follow state-approved practices.   

Some companies will have a legal name and a different business name. As long as the target company answers confidently, they are likely a legitimate business.   

However, always write down the information and do independent research to get a well-rounded view of the company. Sites like Better Business Bureau, social media, and review pages such as Yelp are great ways to find reviews and ratings of a roofing company.   

What is Your Roofing License and/or Insurance?  

Every roofing company in San Francisco and Walnut Creek should have liability insurance and a state or city-approved license. For example, a residential roof replacement company in Walnut Creek should have a license in both San Francisco and California.   

Ask for further information on the license. Then, check with your local licensing offices to ensure that the company has no outstanding violations and that the license has been recently renewed.  

Can You Provide Me With a Written Roof Replacement Estimate? 

It is important to know the roof replacement cost before beginning work on your roof. Local roofing companies in Walnut Creek should at least give you the cost of labor and materials. Written estimates normally mean the roofing company is trustworthy and safeguards against them demanding more money.   

I am Interested in a Roof Layover. Can You Do That Instead of a Full Replacement?  

A roof layover is when the company does not tear down your roof. Rather, they put new shingles over the old layer. This adds a tremendous amount of weight to your roof and leads to costly future repairs.   

If a roofing company in San Francisco or Walnut Creek tells you that they can do a roof layover for you, they are likely not following ethical practices. Even if a roof layover is cheaper, it is a short-term solution. The long-term damage of a layover is much worse and ethical companies advise against it. 

Have Your Roof Replaced by Trusted Professionals 

If you are looking for an experienced residential roof replacement company in Walnut Creek, contact Apollo Roofing Company at (925) 281-5504 or (925) 386-2380 today. We are a licensed roofing company in Walnut Creek that believes in providing our clients with fairly-priced, ethical service.   


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