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Best Residential Roofing Company in Walnut Creek, CA

At Apollo Roofing Company, we provide flawless roofing installations, roof repairs, and roof replacements. Our impeccable services meet the highest standards, making us the best residential roofing company in Walnut Creek, CA. As the preferred contractor, we stay up to date on the latest materials, techniques, and regulations so we can deliver the best end product on the market.  

Top Residential Roofing Company in Walnut Creek

If you require a residential roof replacement in Walnut Creek or need professional roof repairs, our licensed residential roofers will get the job done right. At Apollo Roofing Company, we take pride in offering a full suite of roofing services and working with all available types of residential roofing materials. Below, find some of the most popular roofing materials that we install, repair, and replace. 

Tile Roofing 

Spanish roofs stay true to the architectural history of California. They can withstand heavy winds and provide sufficient flexibility for the frequent seismic activity in Walnut Creek, which means they represent an ideal roofing solution for your home. Tile roofs are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, helping homeowners save money on their monthly utility bills.  

Solar Roofing 

The Golden State of California enjoys an abundance of sunlight. As such, solar roofing has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Solar roofs not only help you save on electricity but also add aesthetic appeal to your home. In the long term, solar roofing proves cost-effective after lowering your energy bills for several years, representing a secure investment for your home. 

Shingle Roofing 

Shingle roofing remains one of the most common roofing options in Walnut Creek, California. Asphalt shingle roofs represent a popular choice among residential owners because they add to the curb appeal of a home without breaking the bank. Organic, composite, and fiberglass shingles prove economical, durable, and wind-resistant.  

Metal Roofing 

In Walnut Creek, California, we all require roofs that can withstand the heat and rain. Metal roofs serve as a lightweight, durable roofing option for your home. Plus, you can design your metal roof however you please due to the malleability of the material. Finally, metal roofs will keep your attic cool by reflecting the persistent sunrays of California. 

5-Star Rated Walnut Creek Residential Roofing Company

At Apollo Roofing Company, our licensed, highly trained residential roofing contractors work with confidence in knowing that they remain protected by Workers’ Compensation and liability insurance. Customers choose us because of our stellar reputation as the best residential roofing company in Walnut Creek, California stems from our seamless roof replacement and roof repair services. We intend to serve the local community in Walnut Creek for decades to come. 

Walnut Creek, CA 

Walnut Creek, California, represents a refuge for both artists and local wildlife. The California Symphony and The Shadelands Ranch Museum serve as just a few of the city’s highlights. However, you can also immerse yourself in nature at The Ruth Bancroft Garden, a world-renowned botanical garden, or the Lindsay Wildlife Experience, which serves as one of the oldest rehabilitation centers for injured or at-risk animals. Get to work with the best residential roofing company in Walnut Creek by contacting our team today!

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