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Walnut Creek Residential Roof Replacement Experts – Apollo Roofing Company

Give your home a makeover with a residential roof replacement in Walnut Creek! At Apollo Roofing Company, we offer exceptional roof replacement services. While deciding on a residential roof replacement can prove rather daunting, tearing off your old roof and fitting a new one has several benefits. Our highly skilled roofing contractors will assess your current roof and confirm your decision before we begin the roof replacement process. 

Residential Roof Replacement in Walnut Creek Done Right!

If you find yourself planning a residential flat roof replacement, it is best to call a professional. Doing so will not only get the job done right, but it will also make the process quick and efficient. As a trusted residential roof replacement company in Walnut Creek, we advise our clients to schedule our service whenever a damaged roof poses a risk to their families, homes, or personal property.  

At Apollo Roofing Company, our residential roof replacement contractors always deliver the best possible solution for our clients. While residential roof replacements can prove expensive, once we’ve completed the work, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you will not need to think about your roof again for decades. Some of the most common reasons why a homeowner needs a residential roof replacement include:  

  • Leakage 
  • Mold and moss 
  • Broken shingles 
  • Extreme weather 
  • Lack of roof maintenance and roof repair 
  • Insect and pest-infected roofs 
  • Prolonged sun exposure 

Professional Residential Roof Replacement Contractor in Walnut Creek, CA

At Apollo Roofing Company, our friendly contractors will inspect your roof and give you a complete breakdown of your residential roof replacement cost or a residential roof repair in Walnut Creek. A newer roof will not only add more aesthetic appeal to your home but will also shelter your family and belongings from inclement weather in Walnut Creek.  

As the best residential roof replacement company in the area, we will replace your old roof with stronger, more energy-efficient materials. Below, discover some of the most common types of roof replacements that we perform.  

Flat Roof  

The roof replacement process for flat roots proves quick and easy. Plus, they represent an affordable, low-maintenance roof option. 

Metal Roof  

Metal roofs reflect sun rays, keeping your home cool at all times. If you require only the most durable roofing replacement solution, then metal roofing will do the trick. 

Shingle Roof 

Shingle roofs, like those made with fiberglass or composite shingles, can withstand high wind and torrential rain. If you need to stay within a specific budget but want an aesthetically pleasing new roof, shingles stand above the rest. 

Spanish Roof  

Made from clay, concrete, or slate, Spanish roofs remain fireproof and recyclable. Another great reason to replace your old roof with a Spanish roof is that tile roofs rarely suffer damage from insects and pests. 

Walnut Creek, CA 

Walnut Creek lies between San Ramon Valley and Ygnacio Valley and enjoys a Mediterranean climate. However, with months of constant sunlight punctuated by weeks of rain, we provide our Walnut Creek clients with residential roof replacement solutions that best withstand the changing weather conditions. Contact Apollo Roofing Company for any inquiries concerning your residential roof replacement needs in Walnut Creek. 

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