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As the highest-rated commercial roof repair company in Walnut Creek, CA, Apollo Roofing Company understands commercial roofs of every kind. From flat to peaked, metal to shingled, the team of professional roofing contractors at Apollo Roofing Company is ready to help you with all of your roof repair and roof replacement needs. 

We put the customer first from the initial roof inspection and evaluation to repairing your damaged roof or replacing it if needed. As experienced and well-trained professional contractors, we take pride in our high-quality results and affordable pricing. 

When damage and wear have your roof in need of rescue, Apollo Roofing Company is ready to help. Check out our customer reviews and feedback – you’ll see why we are Walnut Creek, CA’s #1 rated commercial roof repair company. 

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Commercial roofs are built tough, but time and elements take their toll. As professional commercial roof repair contractors, we’ve seen our share of damaged roofs on businesses. Exterior damage is the most obvious, but the damage of a failing roof affects the entire building structure. 

Cracks or tears in the flashing, the metal sealers around vents, and other roof access points may allow moisture to seep into the roof structure itself, including the insulation. Over time, this moisture can lead to mold and rot and may cause stains and damage to the ceiling and walls of the interior. 

These cracks and tears may be small, which is why a professional inspection of your roof by Apollo Roofing Company is so essential. We can thoroughly assess the roof’s surface, check all points that may be worn or damaged, and recommend the best course for repairing or even replacing the roof to protect your business from damage. 

Water may also find other ways into your roof. If flying debris, such as tree limbs, causes damage to the surface of your commercial roof, it may allow water to seep in and cause a great deal of damage before it is found. Damage to the roof may also allow pests to enter the building, bringing a host of other problems with them. Getting a commercial roof coating can also be a solution but our team will have to assess the situation before they notify you of the best approach to your roof problem. 

One of the biggest causes of roof failure is improper roof installation. Cutting corners and not having a professional, licensed roofing company install your roof will set you up for failure down the road. Plus, the damage from a poorly installed roof is not confined to the roof. The interior of your home can suffer damage from leaking water, debris, pests, and more. 

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If you’re looking for professional commercial roof repair in beautiful Walnut Creek and the surrounding area, call Apollo Roofing Company today. We look forward to assisting you with all of your commercial roof repair needs. 

Named for the creek that flows through tunnels under the downtown area, Walnut Creek, CA, was once a meeting place between three Native American tribes. Today, highways and transportation meet at this junction, bringing tourists from the big cities on the coast to its active downtown. 

Walnut Creek has something to offer everyone, from botanical gardens and cultural attractions to nature trails and high-end shopping and art. 

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