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Learn About Historical San Mateo, CA 

San Mateo lies on the Western shore of San Francisco Bay, which is approximately 16 miles from the city of San Francisco. It enjoys a maritime climate with Montara Mountains blocking off the ocean wind and fog. The city offers a mix of urban-suburban communities and is considered one of the best places to live besides San Francisco itself. 

 One of the major economic contributors to this city is the Sony Interactive Entertainment division, and Apollo Roofing Company serves all residents in the San Mateo area. 

San Mateo’s Growth 

San Mateo has come a long way since 1776 when Spanish explorers Lieutenant Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza, Lieutenant Jose Joaquin Moraga, Padre Pedro along with eleven other soldiers first set up camp there.  

The San Mateo Community College was founded in 1922, and starting from the 1960s it started to look more like a metropolitan city. Midway between San Jose and San Francisco lies Silicon Valley. This is exactly where San Mateo is located, making it ideal for businesses in search of highly educated individuals for employment. 

Landmarks in San Mateo 

Since San Mateo experiences a Mediterranean climate it has dry summers and damp winters. Although the city is shielded from the Pacific winds and fog, some gaps result in gusty afternoon winds. The resulting summer invites a fog that persists from late afternoon till early morning. Temperatures usually vary from 44℉ to 77℉ and rarely dip below 38℉ to 84℉. 

 The lively nature of the city attracts a fair amount of visitors, most of whom never miss spending a leisurely afternoon in the Coyote Point Recreation Area. The region offers various activities ranging from swimming, picnicking, jogging, sailing, fishing, and even windsurfing. It’s a great place suited for kids and adults alike. 

 In 1922 the city transformed its previously purchased 16.3-acre Kohl Mansion property into its signature park, popularly known as the Santa Mateo Central Park. It houses the famous Japanese Garden designed by Naga Sakurai of the Imperial Palace of Tokyo. The masterpiece is regarded as one of the finest gardens in California. 

Culture in San Mateo City 

In terms of culture, San Mateo is filled with historic buildings that sing of its glorious past, such as: 


  • Pigeon Point and Point Montara Light Station 
  • Filoli Historic House & Gardens 
  • San Mateo County Museum 
  • Computer History Museum 


The County Museum houses the developments of the peninsula over the years. For instance, the place where the Spaniards first spotted the San Francisco Bay is located in San Mateo County. Among the many events that take place in San Mateo, Maker Faire is quite popular. It attracts enthusiasts from different interests such as robotics, 3D printing, arts, computers, and hacker culture. 

San Mateo’s History 

The city may have appeared modern in the 1960s but the process started much earlier, back in 1889. The Crystal Spring Dam was completed under head engineer Hermann Schussler. This led to the further growth in population, which in turn resulted in present-day San Mateo.  

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