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Top-Quality Residential Shingle Roofing in Pleasant Hill, CA 

Apollo Roofing Company, a Pleasant Hill-based roofing company, is committed in helping clients with their shingle roofing needs. We offer quality roofing products and top-notch services. We offer complete shingle repairs and replacements.    

Shingle roofing provides protection for your family and investments by creating a barrier between your home and the elements. Shingle roofs are durable and can last up 25 years, although it is possible for different factors to accelerate this. It can also go unnoticed and cause more problems if it isn’t inspected often.  

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Apollo Roofing Company—Shingle Roof Repair Experts in Pleasant Hill 

Pleasant Hill is among the most densely populated US cities. The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary once attracted tourists year-round. There are also events such as the Chinese New Year Parade or Pleasant Hill Pride that enrich the rich culture.  

Pleasant Hill residents know Apollo Roofing Company is their go-to company for shingle roof repair. Our experts are extremely knowledgeable in roofing. Because of this, our clients have trusted us to handle all their shingle roofing requirements.  

Services for shingle include:

Shingle Roof Installation 

Over time, shingles become less effective due to weathering. If your shingles become worn, cracked, or broken, it is time to call a professional for repair. These roof repairs are the most commonly needed and have allowed us to perfect our methods of repairing them. 

Shingle Roof Replace 

Apollo Roofing Company offers a variety of roofing options, including asphalt. But it isn’t the most popular. We can help you find the right one for your needs. We offer the following services for shingle replacement:  

  1. Eliminating the existing shingle roofing system 
  2. Inspect the roof to determine if there is any damage or need for repair 
  3. Preparing your roof for the new Shingles 
  4. Installing a new roofing material 
  5. Final inspection and cleanup 

 You can tell when your shingle roof needs to be replaced when the majority or shingle are damaged, worn or over 20 years old. If this happens, it is time to replace the entire roof—it’s time to call us! 

Pleasant Hill’s Certified Shingle Roofing Contractors 

At Apollo Roofing Company, we have been consistently rated as the top shingle roofing contractor in San Francisco, CA. Our consistent delivery of exceptional services makes us an easy choice. When you hire us for the job, you can expect:  

  • Transparency. We are open and honest about our process and pricing from start to finish. You will always be in the know. 
  • Quality. We stand behind our work and promise to make every job our best job. 
  • Timeliness. We won’t keep you waiting. We treat every customer and project as our top priority.

Don’t wait! Get in touch with Apollo Roofing Company of San Francisco, CA, for your shingle roofing needs today! 

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