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Apollo Roofing Company — Oakland’s Certified Residential Roof Repair Company 

Our elite roofers at Apollo Roofing Company can help you take good care of your roof by providing quality, affordable residential roof repair solutions. We have a track record of doing the job right the first time, making us Oakland’s preferred source for roof repair.  

A roof over your head is a must for any homeowner. As the foundation of your home, the roof is also an integral part. Without it, there are many serious problems like mold and leaks.  

We are available at (925) 386-2380 to assist you with your roof repairs! 

#1 Trusted Residential Roof Repair Contractor in Oakland, CA 

Oakland, also known as the Golden City, is well-known for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz, the notorious prison. Residents and tourists alike enjoy unique destinations like Chinatown, Union Square shopping, or riding the cable car.  

Oakland is just one part of a larger story. It almost was destroyed by an earthquake in 1906 that set off uncontrollable flames that burned miles. Despite these disasters, the city and its inhabitants were rebuilt in nine years.  

Apollo Roofing Company recognizes the importance and value of community. We are proud to rebuild it one roof per day. Our residential roof repair includes maintenance as well as roof repair.

Residential Roof Repair 

While a typical roof will last for around 30 years, repairs may be necessary at some point. Our most frequent problem is residential roof leak repair. These leaks may occur due to damage to the roof from inclement weather, normal aging, or other causes. If you notice any leaks, you should repair your roof.  

  • Broken or missing shingles 
  • Leakages or stains on walls or ceilings 
  • Light shining through your attic roof 
  • Any visible wear or tear 

Residential Roof Maintenance 

Roof maintenance is the best method to prevent serious roofing problems in the future.It is a good idea to have your roof inspected and serviced by a professional residential roof repair company.This includes cleaning it and inspecting for any potential repairs.You can do some of these tasks yourself, but we recommend that you hire professionals. 

Costs of Residential Roof Repair 

Apollo Roofing Company is committed to making safe and secure roofing accessible for all.Every client is treated with respect and we work hard to find the best solution for them.You can be sure that we won’t recommend any unnecessary products or services. 

Licensed Oakland Residential Roof Repair Contractor 

Apollo Roofing Company is Oakland’s most trusted residential roof contractor. Our clients trust us because of our vast experience and our commitment to exceptional work. We only provide top-quality residential roof repair solutions   

We will take care of your residential roofing needs. Call us at (925) 386-2380 to schedule your residential roof repair in Oakland, CA. 

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