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Shingle roofing can last up to 25 years; however, there are many factors that can speed up this process. The roof can become neglected, leading to more problems. Lafayette homeowners must take good care of their shingle roof as it provides a barrier between the elements and their home, protecting not only their investment—their property—but also their loved ones.  

Apollo Roofing Company’s expert team is dedicated to providing high-quality roofing products and services in Lafayette, CA. We provide comprehensive shingle replacement and repair services to make sure you are not stressed. For a free consultation, call us at (925) 386-2380. 

 Shingle Roof Repair Experts in Lafayette, CA 

Lafayette is the US’s most populated city. Attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary are popular tourist attractions. Events like Lafayette Pride and the Chinese New Year Parade add to the rich culture.  

Lafayette residents are well-informed about Apollo Roofing Company’s expertise in shingle roof repairs. Our roofing experts are highly skilled and our clients have come to trust us with all their shingle roofing needs.  

We offer the following shingle services: 

1. Shingle roof repair 

2. Shingle roof replacement 

Shingle Roof Repair 

Shingle roofs are subject to weathering over time, which gradually reduces their effectiveness and slows down their lifespan.Professional repair services should be sought if shingles start to look worn, cracked or broken.These are the most common types of roof repairs that we see. As such, we have perfected our method of fixing them. 

Shingle Roof Replacement 

When the majority of your shingles have become worn or damaged or your roof has been in use for more than 20 years, you will know it’s time to replace your roof. We recommend that you replace all shingles when this happens.  

Experts at Apollo Roofing Company can help you chose the right kind for you. The following steps are involved in shingle replacement:  

  1. Remove the existing shingle roof 
  2. Roof inspection for damage and other repairs 
  3. Preparing the roof for new shingles 
  4. New roofing material installation 
  5. Final inspection and cleanup 
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Best-Rated Residential Shingle Roofing Contractor in Lafayette — Apollo Roofing Company 

Apollo Roofing Company has been consistently rated the best shingle roofing company in Lafayette, CA. We are known for our exceptional service and consistent delivery. You can count on us to deliver the following services when you hire our company for the job:  

  • Quality. We are proud of our work and will do our best to make each job our best.  
  • Timeliness. We will not keep you waiting. Every customer and every project is our top priority.  
  • Transparency. From start to finish, we are transparent about pricing and our process. We will keep you informed.

Don’t delay! Call Apollo Roofing Company now at (925) 386-2380 to discuss your shingle roofing requirements today! 

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