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Learn About Splendid Daly City, CA  

Nuzzled in the northernmost edge San Mateo County, Daly City, CA, is popularly known as the “Gateway to the Peninsula”. Naturally, being so close to the water, Daly City experiences a mild climate throughout the year with dry summers and wet winters. The magnificent and spectacular Pacific lies to the west, while the busy city of San Francisco lies to the east. And Apollo Roofing Company serves all residents in the Daly City and surrounding metro San Francisco Bay area. 

Daly City, CA Growth 

Daly City has come a long way since it was first discovered by a group led by Gaspar de Portola in 1769. Like all major cities in the San Francisco region, much of Daly City’s growth comes after World War II. 

 There have been many historical events that shaped Daly City as it is seen today. The population surge didn’t hit the city until the 1906’s earthquake and fire. The city provided farmlands for the refugees who managed to survive the ordeal and began offering them shelter and food. Around 1940, the city had its first breakthrough when developers considered the land around Daly City for suburban expansion, transforming it from a rural to an urban community. 

Landmarks Daly City, CA 

The moderate climate is one of Daly City’s key attractions. The summers, though long and arid, are still comfortable. On the contrary, winters are short, cold, cloudy, and often visited by a touch of rain. The temperature variation over the city persists approximately within 45℉ to 70 ℉ and rarely dips below 39℉ and 80℉. 

 Daly City is mainly known for its Cow Palace indoor arena, which is popular for the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, San Francisco Hot Rod, Grand National Rodeo, the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, and more. 

 The Hills of Eternity Memorial Park is yet another landmark in Daly city. The chapel and the Portal of Eternity mausoleum were designed by Abraham Appleton and Samuel Hymen in 1934. It’s a beautiful and serene place with close to twenty acres of delicately landscaped gardens. 

 The Wind Harp tower is yet another marvel of engineering. It stands 243 ft above sea level and offers a gorgeous scenic view of the Bay and South San Francisco. Make sure to visit on weekends to avoid any parking issues. 

Culture in Daly City, CA 

The cultural heritage in Daly City is evident from the events hosted in schools and festivals, such as: 


1. The West Coast Lion Dance Troupe 

2. Manuia Polynesian Revue 

3. Nemenzo Polynesian Dance Group 


There is also the Daly City History Museum that keeps records of artifacts and old photographs that are of historical significance. 

Daly City’s History 

One of Daly City’s greatest achievements is a song. In the 1960s, the city inspired a song by the name “Little Boxes”, which was an ode to Suburbia. It described how the homes in that region were made from “ticky-tacky”, and how they all appeared like rows on the hill.  

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