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Roofing issues may eventually occur and these could be signs that you need a residential roof repair. Every homeowner needs a roof that is secure and reliable. The roof, like the foundation, is an integral part your home’s structure. Without it, you are susceptible to molds and leaks.  

Apollo Roofing Company helps eliminate these concerns by providing residential roof repair services that are affordable and high quality. We are Daly City’s top choice for roof repairs due to our track record of completing the job on time and providing only the best available roofing products.  

Best Residential Roof Repair Contractor in Daly City, CA 

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The Golden City or Daly City is best known for its historic Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz prison. Tourists and residents alike love exploring unique areas like Chinatown, Union Square, and taking a ride on the cable cars.  

But there’s more to Daly City! In 1906, an earthquake caused uncontrollable fires and nearly destroyed the city. Despite all this, the city was rebuilt quickly by its inhabitants within nine years.  

Apollo Roofing Company understands the importance of community. We pride ourselves on restoring it one roof at time. We offer premier residential roof repair services, including maintenance and repairs. 

Residential Roof Repair 

Although a roof lasts for 30 years on average, there will come a point when it needs to be replaced. We deal with many problems, including roof leaks in residential properties. These leaks can occur when the roof is damaged by weather events or normal aging. If you notice a leak, it is worth repairing the roof. Other signs to watch out for are:  

  • Missing or cracked shingles 
  • Stains or leaks on the ceiling or walls 
  • Daylight can be seen in your attic 
  • Any visible wear and tear 

Roof Maintenance for Residential Properties 

Residential roof maintenance is the best way prevent major roofing problems later.A professional roofing company should be servicing your roof regularly, including inspection of your roof for any repairs or maintenance.Although you can do some things yourself, it is best to hire expert roofers. 

Costs for Residential Roof Repair 

Apollo Roofing wants to make sure everyone has access to safe and secure roofing.All of our clients are consulted to determine what is feasible within their budget.We will not recommend a product or service that is unnecessary. 

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Daly City‘s Trusted Roof Repair Professional 

Apollo Roofing Company is Daly City’s most reliable residential roofing contractor. We have gained the trust and respect from our clients through our extensive experience and dedication to providing outstanding work. Customer satisfaction is our top priority! 

 Contact Apollo Roofing Company at (925) 386-2380 right away so we can help with your residential roof repair needs!