Learn About the Peaceful City of Concord, CA 

As the largest city of Contra Costa County and the 8th largest city of the San Francisco Bay Area, Concord, CA, offers residents and travelers a warm Mediterranean-like climate with cool winters and dry summers. It is also the birthplace of Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks. Concord is a regional suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area with low crime, good job opportunities, and a clean and fun place to live and visit.  

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Concord’s History 

In a span of 250 years, Concord went from an Indian tribal landscape in Diablo Valley to the central location of the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area. In the late 1700s, the Bay Miwok Indians inhabited the area and hunted deer, bear, antelope, and elk for food and clothes. But everything changed after two Spanish explorers Father Juan Crespi and Captain Pedro Fages discovered the area.  

Over the next 50 years, the Spanish continued to explore Diablo Valley. One man named Salvio Pacheco sent a petition to the Mexican Government to grant him land at the base of Mount Diablo.  In 1834, Mexico approved the grant of 17,921 acres to the Pacheco family.  They spent the next 30 years constructing a town there. After a series of different names, it would eventually become the town of Concord.  

Farming was the primary industry of the Concord economy for the rest of the century. But during the 20th century, Concord saw substantial growth in both new businesses and residents.  

Landmarks in Concord, CA 

Concord is home to numerous cultural and historical landmarks that signify the rich diversity and expansion of the city. Some of the most famous landmarks include: 

  • Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial 
  • Shiva Murugan Temple 
  • Galindo House and Gardens 
  • Clayton Valley Church 
  • Don Fernando Pacheco Adobe 
  • De Martini Winery 
  • Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center 

Concord offers several transportation options to people in and out of the city. Bay Area Rapid Transit is a commuter train system with a transit line in Concord and several other San Francisco Bay Area locations.  

When you are in Concord, you can use the County Connection public transit system to take a bus to the most popular locations in Concord, such as the landmarks listed above.  

Culture in Concord, CA 

As the home of the jazz record label, Concord Records, the city of Concord hosts the Concord Jazz Festival each year. It has been an annual event since 1969 after it was started by a jazz enthusiast and car dealer named Carl Jefferson.   

Concord is a family-oriented city with a sense of community and togetherness. It has a large retail sector, thanks to the construction of the Sunvalley Mall in the 1960s. It is even on the list of the top 50 largest malls in the United States.  

Concord’s Growth 

Concord officially became incorporated as a city in 1905, even though it was technically founded as a town in 1869. It is approximately 29 miles east of the City of San Francisco, which was a big reason why the population of Concord had increased so much over the years. The population went from a mere 6,500 people in 1948 to over 125,000 people in the 2000s.     

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