Learn More About the Overachieving Berkeley, CA 

Berkeley is located in Northern Alameda County and lies along the eastern coast of San Francisco Bay. It comprises a warm summer Mediterranean climate, where summers are usually warm, and winters are wet. Berkeley shares its borders with Oakland and Emeryville to the South, Albany, and the unincorporated community of Kensington to the north. Along the eastern border lies Contra Costa County, and the Apollo Roofing Company serves all residents in the Berkeley area. 

Berkeley’s Growth 

Berkeley was founded in 1866, and it was named after George Berkeley, the English Bishop of Cloyne. In the same year, Oakland’s private College of California looked for a new site and settled along the foot of Contra Costa Range, what would later be known as the Berkeley Hills. 

The population in Berkeley started booming around 1880 when it rose from 2,000 to 13,000.  

However, the real population burst happened in 1912 following the 1906s earthquake. With the improved transportation system, almost 50,000 people moved into the city seeking shelter from the disaster. 

Landmarks in Berkeley 

Berkeley is located directly opposite the Golden Gate, which invites the eastward fog to flow into the city, more often than its neighbors. Thanks to the upwelling ocean currents, summers are cooler with foggy nights.  

Though snowing isn’t a common occurrence during the winter, the hilltops occasionally receive a few layers of white. Rainstorms are common on sunny days and cold nights. The temperature usually sticks around 43℉ to 76℉ and rarely goes below 35℉ to 86℉.  

There is only one building in Berkeley that has been designated with the title of National Landmark. It’s the First Church of Christ, Scientist, located at 2619 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA, and It is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a structure in the United States.  

The Church of the Good Shepherd, built in 1878, is the oldest religious building in Berkeley. The founding congregation in the entire East Bay still actively uses it, and it is the second landmark designated to the city of Berkeley.  

Cultures in Berkeley 

With more than 100 cultural arts organizations, Berkeley is a top choice for travelers looking for a cultural fix in buildings including:  

  • The Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive 
  • Berkeley Repertory Theatre 
  • Berkeley Art Center 
  • The Aurora Theatre Company

In a few words, Berkeley is a foodie haven with a diverse community of individuals. The University of California- Berkeley has even devoted fully-fledged departments to Cultural studies with specializations in Asian, African American, Near Eastern studies alongside Buddhism, Latin American culture, and many more.  

Berkeley’s History 

Berkeley has achieved a lot of milestones in the past across a wide variety of fields. In 1887, a group of earth science professors set up the first string of seismographic stations. In 1922, Dr. Katharine S. Bishop and anatomy professor Herbert M. Evans co-discovered Vitamin E. In 1924, Chemist Joel H. Hilderbrand created a mixture of helium and oxygen enabling divers to explore deeper than ever before, without experiencing decompression sickness. 

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