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Trusted Commercial Roof Repair Contractor in Berkeley 

A commercial roof repair is necessary knowing roof damages can trigger much more problems than numerous entrepreneur understand. It isn’t just the danger of rainwater getting in. They can also allow bugs, cause mold issues, produce an electric fire threat, damage insulation resulting in lowered energy performance, and compromise the framework of your building.  

You need a commercial roofer you can count on to get the job done effectively and efficiently — that’s what our team of roofing experts at Apollo Roofing Company does. We exceed client’s expectation to provide nothing less than the most effective commercial roofing system repair solutions in Berkeley, CA

Apollo Roofing Company — Top-Ranked Berkeley Commercial Roofing Repair Company  

At Apollo Roofing Company, we have the proper tools and years of experience in fixing all sorts of commercial roofing damages quickly. Our roofing professionals rely upon tried-and-tested techniques and the most effective materials in the roofing sector to deliver reliable roofing repair solutions at competitive costs.  

We are accredited and certified, and we follow safety and high-quality roofing standards. Whether you own a little mom-and-pop shop or a huge shopping mall, we can deal with all your commercial roofing issues. We can assist you with insurance procedure, if suitable, with detailed damage records, photos, and reputable suggestions. Our services are made to make your commercial roofing repair as problem-free as possible.

Top Commercial Roofing Repair Specialist in Berkeley  

As a leading full-service commercial roofing company, we are glad to help you maintain your roofing system in top condition with yearly and after-storm evaluations, maintenance, safety finishes, and more. You can certainly trust we will show up as soon as possible in the event of unforeseen damages. Call us if you find out your business has:  

– Broken joints, cracks, blisters, or various other forms of noticeable damages
– Sagging areas or standing water
– Leaks, unexplained interior moisture, dampness, or mold
– Blocked gutters or downspouts
– Abrupt HVAC expenses

 Before we repair your roofing system, we will initially perform a full roof assessment and provide you with a no-obligation estimate. We’ll also be truthful with you if a commercial reroof would certainly be an extra economical choice in the long run.

Apollo Roofing Company — Commercial Roof Repair Experts in Berkeley 

As a city with economic vitality, safe and healthy neighborhoods, green environment, and a rich cultural history, Berkeley is a surely one of the most visited cities in the CA Bay Area. Aside from being an intellectual center, Berkeley is also famous for gourmet dining and entertainment where tourists from different parts of the world come to enjoy. Nature lovers appreciates the blissful and gorgeous parks like the Berkeley Rose Garden at Codornices Park and Tilden Park as well as the picturesque bay view in Berkeley Marina. 

We love Berkeley and are proud to provide high-quality roofing solutions to commercial property owners to help them and their business prosper—even if it’s just making sure they have a properly maintained roof over their heads. 

Do not postpone dealing with minor roofing issues until it’s far too late! Have a chat with our friendly team today at [PHONE NUMBER] to set up a commercial roof repair assessment.

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