Learn About Little Bancroft, CA 

Deep within the Canadian province, Bancroft is located on the beautiful York River in Hastings County. The town’s climate is on the colder side with long summers and cloudy & freezing winters. Highways 28 and 62 intersect here along with many other in-roads, making it the perfect place to live. It gives you quick access to other major cities, and the Apollo Roofing Company serves all residents in the Bancroft area. 

Bancroft’s Growth 

Bancroft has come a long way since it was first discovered in the 1850s by Irish Immigrants and United Empire Loyalists. Early settlers include names such as Alfred Barker and James Clark, who settled down in 1855. By 1868, close to 80 families were resigning in the current day, Bancroft.  

In 1870 the first church was built within the town along with two schools. Finally, in 1879, Senator Billa Flint changed the settlement name to Bancroft. The town’s primary industry from the 1950s to1982 has been mining. Since 2001, Bancroft has observed a 28% increase in job creation. Its proximity to Ontario’s major centers makes it a prime candidate for upcoming business opportunities. 

Landmarks in Bancroft 

Throughout the year, Bancroft experiences a cold climate. Even during the driest months, the town experiences a lot of rain. The annual temperature dips quite low, even hovering in the negative numbers. It ranges from 2℉ to 76℉ and rarely goes below -20℉ and 84℉.  

Bancroft may lie at the intersection of two highways, but it offers several natural landmarks. The most popular of them all is the Bancroft Eagles Nest Park. At the cost of a short hike, you can overlook the entire town from a bird’s eye view. There are several hiking trails based on difficulty, so make sure to do a bit of research beforehand.  

The Art Gallery of Bancroft boasts permanent collections from the town’s artists. It also contains a large collection of Oscar Schillinger’s work. The gallery is operated and kept functional by fundraising and mounts 10 exhibitions every year. Finally, the Bancroft Ranch House, although now run by the Spring Valley Historical Society, displays materials from the Bancroft period and Native American artifacts. 

Culture in Bancroft 

Bancroft hosts numerous events throughout the year, starting from art exhibitions to music festivals, such as: 

  •  Art Gallery Exhibitions 
  • Baptiste Lake Music Festival 
  • Coe Agricultural Fair 
  • Septemberfest 

The most famous of them all is the York River festival, held every third Saturday in the month of September. In addition to some local poetry reading, the Playhouse also hosts a certain renowned Canadian author. 

Bancroft’s History 

Bancroft has had a pretty rural start compared to the other towns. The first telephone line was available at the railway station, and it was connected in 1905. However, the most significant event in Bancroft’s past was the discovery of Uranium during the construction of the first mine in 1949. The closing of one of the largest mines caused some economic hardships in 1982. Finally, in 1999, Bancroft merged with Dungannon Township to form the Town of Bancroft. 

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