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Here at Apollo Roofing Company, we don’t settle for anything less than excellent. That’s why all of our crew members must undergo extensive hands on training before being assigned to a roofing project. The video below showcases our different training sessions on various roofing systems. We ensure that our crew is skilled, prepared, and experienced, so you can feel confident your roof is in the best hands.

Apollo Roofing Company | Modified Bitumen Torch Down Roofing System

This training video explains the techniques used, step-by-step, during the Modified Bitumen Torch Down Roofing System training. Our crew received hands on guidance on applying the first layer torch down smooth, proper installation of the edge metal, laying the cap sheet, securing with reinforcements, alternative application techniques, waterproofing methods, and more.

Local roofing expert and Founder of Apollo Roofing Company, Shimon Elmadawi, shares this video as a learning tool for training roofing professionals and as a way for homeowners to stay informed about the best practices for their roofing project.

In this video you will hear from Lucas Hanson with Sierra Coast Products – who is a manufacturer’s rep for Poly Glass – along with representatives from the Poly Glass Technical Team.

This video shares tips from local roofing experts on:

  • Best practices for torch applied systems
  • How to do a metal edge detail
  • The best way to do an end lap detail

We hope that you enjoy this video! For more videos like this, please visit the Apollo Roofing Academy series on Youtube!

We are proud to provide our employees with this Roofing Academy to produce professionals that will Build To Last!

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