Premier Commercial Roof Repair Services in Orinda, CA 

Commercial roof repair service is immediately needed should an issue on your business roof arises as it can create far more problems for business owners than you might think. It’s more than just rainwater getting in. Poor roofing can allow pests to enter, cause mold problems, make an electrical fire hazard and damage insulation. This could all lead to decreased energy efficiency which may even threaten the structure of your building.  

Apollo Roofing Company has the team to help you find a commercial roof contractor that will get the job done quickly, on budget, and as per CA building code. Our goal is to provide the best commercial roofing services in Orinda. 

#1 Reliable Orinda Commercial Roof Repair Company 

Apollo Roofing Company has all the skills and experience necessary to quickly fix any commercial roofing problem. Our roofing experts use the most reliable materials and tried-and tested techniques to provide cost-effective solutions.  

We are licensed and insured, and we adhere to stringent safety and quality guidelines. No matter if you’re a mom-and-pop business or a large megamall, our commercial roofing services can help. We can also help with insurance, providing detailed damage reports, photos, reliable advice, and expert guidance.  

Our services make commercial roof repairs as simple and stress-free as possible. 

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Orinda’s Experts in Commercial Roof Repair 

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We’re a full-service, commercial roofing company that can help you maintain your roof. Our services include annual and after storm inspections, maintenance,roof coatings, and many other things. We’re also available to help you in case of emergency. We are available to assist you if necessary.  

  • Clogged gutters and downspouts  
  • Cracking, blistering, and open roof seams can all be visible 
  • High HVAC bills can suddenly occur  
  • Standing puddles and sagging spots 
  • Leaks, unexplained indoor moisture increases, mold, or moisture 

Before we can repair your roof, we will do a complete evaluation and give you an upfront quote. We will tell you upfront whether a commercial roof is a better option. 

Apollo Roofing Company—Professional Orinda Commercial Roof Repair Contractor 

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We love Orinda and want to make sure that businesses thrive in this city!  

Our population has surpassed 900,000. It is an economic center with a rich cultural heritage. The economy is thriving, especially with so many events such as the Orinda Marathon or CraftBrew Fest. We also have Giants games that draw so many tourists every year.  

A solid building is crucial to a business’s success—this is where we come in. It’s not too late to address minor roofing problems. To get a commercial roof repair estimate, contact our friendly team at (925) 386-2380.